September 14th, 2018


Sunday Bible Class

Our curriculum is Bible Studies for Life.  The lessons scheduled for this week are:

Spanish Preschool: Dios hizo a las personas

English Preschool: God Made People

School Age: Adam and Eve Sinned

Please take the time to look at the Activity Pages that your children bring home.  You will find the Bible story, suggested Scripture reading for the week, and instructions for how to download the Bible Studies for Life app.

We love seeing your children in Bible class.  The more frequently they come, the more likely they are to build stronger relationships with the other children and with the teachers.  We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


-Caleb Bergman helped a visitor feel comfortable.
-Cashton Best helped teach the lesson.
-Jonathan Delisma encouraged some visitors.
-Valeria Olivera Gomez participated in class.
-Levi Parsard was a good listener in class.
-Luke Parsard participated in class.
-Jaylen Rose participated in class.
-Katherine Ruiz participated in class.
-The 3rd-5th Grade Class had great participation from Valentino Collado, Vidal Collado, Moises Delavalle, Jonathan Delisma, and Bishop Skinner.

Mark Your Calendar

Bible Class

Awana Club

September 30
Family Night

October 13
Pumpkin Patch

October 14
K-2nd Grades Picnic

October 28
Fall Festival

October 31
No Awana

For Parents

Every foal born on my farm has so much potential. Of course, my dreams for them are always much bigger than reality. In my heart, they are all World Cup winners, and that includes my donkeys. Every child born on this planet has dreams — dreams that can be much bigger than how their lives ultimately turn out. Ask any child what she wants to be when she grows up, and the possibilities are endless. From becoming the president of the United States to the scientist who cures cancer, there is always such potential. However, there are few who pick “service” as a dream job.

Because we serve such a mighty God, we make the mistake of thinking everything He wants us to do for Him must be done on a huge scale. That’s not always the case, especially when our calling is less than glamorous.

But God puts us in places where we will be most effective for His glory, and that could mean working the counter at your local gas station.

Charles Spurgeon never went to college or seminary, and his first lessons in theology were from a lunch lady. Thanks to this perfectly placed, servant-hearted woman, the Prince of Preachers grew up to change the world with his preaching.

Who might you influence at your place of service?

Are you ashamed because you are “only a _______”? What would God say? With His eternal mind-set, He sees unlimited potential in each of us to influence people for Christ right where we are.

You might never know (this side of Heaven) the impact you have made. After all, our reality doesn’t begin and end on earth. And God’s plans are much bigger and better than we can imagine.

Lord, make me a servant. Let my faithfulness be an instrument of the gospel, wherever You place me, amen.

Condensed from “Foals with Potential” by Cara Whitney from  

EnglishVanessa Pardo