December 7th, 2018


Sunday Bible Class

Our curriculum is Bible Studies for Life. The lessons scheduled for this week are:

Spanish Preschool: Ángeles hablaron con María y con José

English Preschool: Angels Spoke to Mary and Joseph

School Age: Angels Spoke to Mary and Joseph

Please take the time to look at the Activity Pages that your children bring home.  You will find the Bible story, suggested Scripture reading for the week, and instructions for how to download the Bible Studies for Life app.

We love seeing your children in Bible class.  The more frequently they come, the more likely they are to build stronger relationships with the other children and with the teachers.  We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


-Luca Acero has a birthday on December 9. 
-Caleb Bergman participated in role play for the lesson.
-Cashton Best was a good helper in class.
-Valentino Collado has a birthday on December 11.
-Jonathan Delisma participated in role play for the lesson.
-Brenda Emokah was a great helper in class.
-Nicole Leon answered questions in class.
-Henry Lowrance recited a Bible verse.
-Oliver Lowrance helped with the chairs in the classroom.
-Maya Pino was a great helper in class.
-Levi Parsard answered questions in class.
-Sammy Pino answered questions in class.
-We were happy to have Dayleen Valdes back in class and she brought a gift for Compassion International.
-The Preschool Classes had great participation from Cody Carroll, Brenda Emokah, Guillermos Lameda, WesleyLopez, Samuel Henriquez, Levi Parsard, Maya Pino, Katherine Ruiz, Samantha Ruiz,and LylaSensing.
-The Kindergarten-2ndGrade Class had these students who were able to find different books in the Bible: Jacob Bergman, Gio Delisma,and AidenMartinez.

Mark Your Calendar

Bible Class

Awana Club

December 8
Breakfast with Santa

 December 9
3rd-5th Grade Picnic

December 23
Bilingual Christmas Eve Celebration

 December 26

 January 2
New Year’s Celebration

 January 13
K-2nd Grade Picnic

For Parents

Mindfulness. It’s not always something busy parents are noted for around this time of year. After all, someone needs to remember to defrost the turkey, send the invites, deck the halls, and make sure every kid gets to practice on time. 

A 16th century priest named Ignatius introduced a form of prayer that would help those in his care to remain focused on their identity and purpose in God. The prayer has taken a few different forms over time, but this simple practice of walking through the steps of contemplation, thankfulness, and surrender has guided many over time to realign their hearts and minds.

I think Ignatius’ message reminds us that distractions are not new, but we don’t have to allow them to take us away. When we develop some intentional practices of prayer and refocus our hearts during busy seasons, we are more able to recognize God at work in all the moments around us.

My favorite form of the prayer of Examen centers on five easy reflections. Here the five simple practices paired with reflections from the our team to help you refocus on what’s important during the season.

1. Ask God for the light.The practice begins by reminding ourselves that everything—our plans, our failures, our very breath—is centered on God at work, creating and inspiring in us. Consider these timeless words: “A shoot shall come out from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots. The spirit of the Lord shall rest on him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.” Isaiah 11:1-2

God has promised that same Spirit—the one which rested on Christ in life and raised him from the dead—will live in us too. 

When you are feeling the weight of your to-do list, remind yourself of the work to which you were called. Was it to find perfectly color-coordinated Christmas cards? No. It was to reach out and help those God has placed in your life to feel known and loved. In those moments when details feel like they’re taking over, stop. Ask God to take back control. And proclaim the Gospel through your words and actions.

2. Give thanks.If busyness is the first hazard of the holiday season, comparison lies in wait right behind it. Developing a daily practice of gratitude helps us to reclaim those moments when we feel that our best intentions have fallen flat, and celebrate the fleeting gifts that are truly from God alone. Ground yourself by giving thanks for what you’ve got. 

3. Review the day.In this season we create so many important events and crafted moments. But with the promise of magical memories also comes the potential for disappointment. Our margin for grace can become thin when others don’t show up with their share of holiday spirit. Resist the urge to feel like you’ve been robbed of something. Instead, form a new tradition for yourself. Take a moment to review the day for what it has been, and for what it hasn’t been, seeing it without judgment. Give thanks for the beauty of relationship, and ask for an extra helping of grace.   

4. Face your shortcomings.For many of us a little soul-searching will uncover the hard truth that a large amount of disappointment we experience during the holidays is rooted in disappointment with ourselves. The most direct way to deal with that reality is to face it head on. The story of the birth of Christ is the beginning of a story of life-changing, heart-transforming, peace-bearing hope. That’s good news for all of us, in all of our frailty. Give your faults over to God, and watch what he does with them.

5. Look toward the day to come.If yesterday didn’t turn out quite the way you’d planned, you can always try a different approach today. 

-Get to know someone new. 

-Reach out to someone who’s feeling left out. 

-Gather the people you love and ask questions you’ve always wanted to ask. 

-Reconnect with someone who’s been away for a while.

-Set goals that will help you be more mindful for the future.  

As we plan, parent, and participate in the wonder and mystery of this season, may we be fully present to the transforming work God is doing in and around us.

Condensed from “5 practices to help you prioritize peace in the busiest time of year”by Rachel Dodd from  

EnglishVanessa Pardo