Sunset Church of Christ is a vibrant church with many different kinds of ministries. We believe that people are most fulfilled when they are engaged in making a difference and when their own needs are being met. We’re seeking to become a place where people can grow and give and be ministered to. Is there something we do that you might benefit from? Feel free to contact our ministry leaders below for more information.



Sunset Kids welcomes children from newborn through 5th graders to build relationships with each other and with our trained volunteers. These relationships and our classes offered on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights are designed to help our children realize that they are an important part of our diverse community learning to follow Jesus. Our Children’s Ministry also provides support and resources for parents.

What has God called you to do? Some of the work we do includes class teachers, class helpers, special event workers, materials management, decorating, setup and cleanup crews, proofreading and translating.

Contact: Julie Bergman


The Sunset Youth Group is dedicated to helping kids and teens grow in their relationship to God and get plugged into his family. We strive to create a safe, fun, and welcoming environment where they can build a stronger spiritual life while having a good time. With all sorts of activities and classes, there are plenty of ways to get involved!

The Youth Ministry is always looking for volunteers to serve as chaperones, drivers, event coordinators or just people who wants to collaborate in the different aspects of the Youth Program.

Contact: Carlos Carbajal


College & Young Professionals

This ministry is designed to reach our college students and friends with different programs and activities such as retreats, fellowship times, Bible classes and outreach projects.

Being a Young Adult presents a whole mess of life choices. Career path, relationships, where to live, how to spend your time and most importantly – what role does faith have? Sunset is a place where young adults are navigating life together. We fix our eyes on Jesus to become the people He’s created us to be. We do this through plowing deep into Scripture to discover what the Bible truly teaches, by engaging in honest and open conversations to gain new insights.

Contact: David Capiro

Young Families

The Sunset Church understands the importance of including our children in all aspects of “church.” A crucial element is relationship building within a group of children to help them grow and encourage one another. The Young Families ministry’s focus is to create opportunities for children to get together in different settings to create and strengthen these connections at an early age, with the hope that they will continue through the different stages of life.

Parents also benefit from this model. From Life Group meetings to the annual Breakfast with Santa event, parents are able to grow and connect with one another through the raising of their children together in Christ. We hope your family will consider joining and actively participating in this wonderful ministry!

Contact: Max Lopez



This ministry is in charge of coordinating all the projects, activities and events that involve the ladies of our congregation. This includes Bible classes, outreach programs, seminars, prayer times, and assisting other ministries in some congregational activities.

Contact: Gayle Marcellini

Ushers & Greeters

The main goal of this ministry is to welcome visitors and members with a pleasant greeting. This includes greet everyone, hand out bulletins, and being capable of giving directions as to how to get to appropriate classes or the appropriate worship service.

Contact: Karen Hinson



“…they flourish in the courts of our God. They still bear fruit in old age; they are ever full of sap and green, to declare that the LORD is upright…” — Psalm 92:13b-15

Whoever trusts in the Lord will continue to bear good fruit at every stage of their life. The certain promise of God to his people is that he will always be at work in and through us, regardless of our circumstances, abilities, or age. This is an essential truth for the older adults in our church communities. We live in a world that frequently marginalizes and dismisses the role and value of older adults. This must not be so for God’s people, for older adults play a vital role in the life of the church. Come join us as we teach, lead, and care for one another.

Contact: David Capiro

Caring Program

The mission of this ministry is to demonstrate our love for the spiritual and physical needs of our congregation families and visitors to our services at Sunset Church of Christ by identifying those absent members and recognizing and welcoming our visitors. The central idea is to contact our absent, sick or bereaved members through phone calls, visits, and sending of cards to show we care about them and to a acknowledge our visitors with letters and cards.

Contact: JoAnne Plumlee
Contact: Sonia Susi


Benevolence & Blessed to be a blessing

The main purpose of this ministry is to provide benevolence assistance to members and friends as required and approved. Also, organize Special Benevolence projects, like “Blessed to be a Blessing” and running the church pantry.

Contact: Jim Hutton


This ministry is charge of planning and executing the international and local mission efforts and activities. This includes local outreach projects, international mission trip, national mission trips and special mission collaboration as required.

Contact: Stephen Johnson



This ministry is in charge of coordinating the general fellowship times of the church. This includes special meals and fellowship and interactive activities for the whole congregation and visitors. (Barbecue, Chili Cook-Off, Harvest Festival, Ice Cream Social, Hispanic Heritage Festival among others).

Contact: David Capiro


This ministry is in charge of coordinating and scheduling pick-up and drop-off of members and visitors who need transportation for worship and Church’s activities. Volunteer drivers also offer their service to coordinate transportation for special Church’s events locally and outside of the City or State.

Drivers are always needed!

Contact: Claudio Leiter



This ministry is in charge of organizing prayer meetings for the church, prayer visits for members and friends who are dealing with specific situations and coordinating/helping in some special prayer’s activities such as campaigns, vigils and days of prayer.

We are looking for a Coordinator for this ministry!

Contact: Jim Holway


This ministry is in charge of coordinating the Sunday Worship Services. We organize the Lord’s Supper process, Singing, Offering and work with the preaching team for the Sermons. We manage the flow of the service and schedule our volunteers to serve in different areas.

Contact: Randy Thomas


after school Bible Club

After School Bible Club is a program offered by the Sunset Church of Christ to the students of Somerset Academy Palms. The purpose of this program is to provide Bible teaching with the hope of planting seeds of faith in the children that attend. The intent is to present the message of the Bible in ways that are age appropriate and fun. To accomplish our goal, we use Bible stories, games, crafts, and singing. Volunteers can help by praying for this program and the children that attend, assisting with classes, being part of a planning team, or helping to plan special events.

Contact: Nancy Perez

adult spiritual formation

This ministry is in charge of the coordination of all the Adult Bible Classes at Sunset. Developing curriculums, working with Bible Teachers, encouraging participation from the Church and promoting and advertising the current programs, are some of the main responsibilities of this area.

The main goal of this ministry is to provide high quality Bible Classes with a discipleship emphasis for Sunset. (“Transform” is the key word)

Contact: Brian Bergman



The main purpose of this ministry is to connect members, new members and visitors to the proper area of spiritual development according to their needs to turn them into fully-engaged members. (Ministry, Life Group, counseling, Bible study, praying, Etc.).

The central idea is to develop and follow an assimilation system outline that helps to connect first time visitors, second time visitors and regular attenders to a life hanging ministry. This system will include Communication Cards, Emails, Text Messages, letters Membership and Visitors Classes.

We are looking for a Coordinator for this ministry!

Contact: Jim Holway

Life groups

This ministry is in charge of the Life Groups of Sunset. Our goal is to have 80% of the members of our Congregation involved in a Life Group for 2019. You can serve in this ministry by hosting a group, teaching a class, coordinating or assisting in a group, mentoring leaders and/or opening a group in your house.

We are looking for a Coordinator for this ministry!

Contact: Jim Holway


evangelism & outreach

In the Bible, the word evangelist comes from the Greek word “evangelion,” which means “to bring good news” and the good news is that a “New King is on the Throne”. Then, the evangelism ministry is designed to draw people to follow Christ through receiving the good news.

This ministry is in charge of coordinating evangelistic efforts involving the whole congregation to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of the main activities are: Individual Bible studies, evangelistic activities, coordinate the World Bible School Program (Online Bible Study) and a visitor’s class on Sunday mornings.

We are looking for a Coordinator for this ministry!

Contact: Jim Holway